Products and Pipeline

Products For Human Use

Plaque and Gingivitis Prevention & Treatment | OraMend Gel

Status: Premarket notification under review by FDA

Oral hydrogel designed to minimize dental plaque adhesion, aiding in the prevention and reduction of gingivitis. It complements regular oral hygiene practices, especially where traditional methods fall short.

Burn and wound Dressing | Reduxx Gel

Status: Developmental

Reduxx Gel is a versatile burn and wound dressing designed to foster a moist healing environment, crucial for tissue protection, infection prevention, and debris softening.

Ideal for a range of injuries including diabetic foot ulcers, lower leg wounds, pressure ulcers, burns, and other chronic wounds, its formulation is 100% water-soluble, bio-compatible, and non-toxic.

Uniquely, Reduxx Gel liquifies when refrigerated for painless application and gels upon skin contact for sustained protection. It incorporates chitosan, supporting tissue regeneration.

Products For Animal Use

Treatment for Gingivitis | Gingiguard Gel

Status: Trial

This innovative treatment for canine dental issues effectively addresses gingivitis and periodontitis, with clinical trials showing symptom clearance and lasting benefits over six months. Its efficacy spans various dog sizes and breeds, and pet owners report improved gum health, breath odor, and overall behavior due to pain relief.

Treatment For Ear Infections

Status: Developmental

Topikos is currently developing a novel treatment specifically designed for canine otitis, formulated as convenient liquid drops.

This product is currently under development, targeting a common and often challenging condition in dogs. With a focus on efficacy and ease of use, Topikos aims to improve the management of ear infections, enhancing the well-being of our canine companions.

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