Investor Information

Proprietary Advantage

Overview of Si-quat Technology

Si-quat technology leverages silicon-quaternary ammonium compounds to offer a revolutionary approach in the fight against microbial and fungal pathogens. Its unique ability to disrupt biofilms and penetrate microbial defenses sets a new standard in antimicrobial treatments.

Patent Details

Our IP portfolio includes 3 patent families with 23 pending applications, covering the composition, use, and manufacturing of Si-quat compounds. This encompasses 4 pending U.S. patents, 1 international, and 14 foreign applications, securing our technological advancements.

Global IP Strategy

Protection Measures

Topikos Scientific has implemented aggressive strategies to protect our IP internationally, focusing on major markets such as Europe, China, and Japan. This ensures comprehensive coverage and solidifies our market presence globally.

Market Strategy

Our global IP strategy is designed to facilitate entry into key markets worldwide, positioning Topikos for widespread adoption of our Si-quat technology across multiple sectors.

Economic Impact​

Market Potential

The demand for effective antimicrobial solutions is growing, driven by the urgent need to combat biofilm-associated infections and antibiotic resistance. Our Si-quat technology is positioned to capture significant market share in healthcare, agriculture, and industrial applications.

Cost Savings and Outcomes

Topikos’s solutions aim to reduce healthcare costs by preventing infections, decreasing the need for extended treatments, and mitigating the impact of antibiotic and antifungal resistance. This translates to improved patient outcomes and substantial economic benefits for healthcare systems worldwide.

Investing in Topikos Scientific is more than a financial decision; it’s a commitment to advancing global health through innovation. Join us in our mission to bring safer, more effective antimicrobial solutions to market, transforming the landscape of infection control and creating value for our investors and society alike.

Products And Pipeline

Plaque and Gingivitis Prevention & Treatment in Humans | OraMend Gel​
Status: Premarket notification under review by FDA
Treatment for Gingivitis in Animals | Gingiguard Gel​
Status: Trial
Treatment For Ear Infections​ in Animals
Status: Developmental
Burn and wound Dressing | Reduxx Gel​
Status: Developmental