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Innovative Wound Care

Advancing Wound Care with Patented Organosilane Technology

Our innovative organosilane scaffolds ensure optimal wound bed stabilization and protection, fostering a moist environment for accelerated healing. Committed to revolutionizing healthcare, we aim to enhance global health outcomes through pioneering treatments that empower the body’s natural healing processes.

Advancing The Treatment of Biofilms

Topikos Scientific’s patented technology harnesses the power of organosilanes to offer a groundbreaking solution to disrupt biofilm formation and viability.

Our innovation offers:

Products And Pipeline

Plaque and Gingivitis Prevention & Treatment | OraMend Gel
Status: Premarket notification under review by FDA
Wound and Burn Dressing | Gel
Status: Trial
Treatment for Gingivitis | Gingiguard Gel
Status: Developmental
Treatment For Ear Infections
Status: Developmental

Board of Directors

President of Synthonix, maker of synthon molecules for Pharma. Inventor on '99 Organosilane patents for Emory U.
Emory's Sr. Vice Provost and chemistry professor, chairs Topikos' Scientific Board, renowned for contributions to organic chemistry.
IP law expert at KIPS, specializing in pharma & biotech patents. Recognized for elite strategy in intellectual property.
Paragon Medical founder with 30 years in aerospace, automotive, and medical devices. Expert in engineering, finance, and global leadership.

Scientific Advisory Board

FACC, FHRS, FAHA. Leads clinical research & innovation at Parkview Health; expert in medicine and academia with multiple board certifications.
Director at Topikos Biofilm Institute & Microbiology Prof. at U. St. Francis.
Vet and eco-entrepreneur, owner of Indian Creek Vet Hospital, with a focus on advanced animal treatments and founder of a green tech venture

Financial Advisory Board

CEO of Topikos Scientific, seasoned ENT surgeon, and healthcare innovator with pivotal roles in medical legislation and informatics.
Topikos Secretary/Treasurer, COO, law professor, telecom lawyer, Via-Net co-founder, and former Mayor of Del Mar, CA.
Michael Motter, CPA and seasoned executive, blends expertise in accounting with a passion for theology, evolving from public accounting to entrepreneurship.

Investor Relations